Outdoor Wicker Furniture Construction

Clean look and durable

Outdoor furniture needs to be more than durable to be left out throughout the year. The combination of regular use and the battering that the furniture receives from the elements mean that only the best quality materials will be able to withstand everything that is thrown at it.

Bullz outdoor furniture is created using high grade materials to offer the best possible construction quality; wicker is chosen for its natural beauty while aluminum is selected for its clean look and durable, weatherproof qualities. This combination provides both beauty and practicality while ensuring that you can keep your outdoor furniture outdoors throughout the year; there's no need to worry about the color fading or the materials eroding. Bullz understands the importance of aesthetic appeal, but we also understand the importance of using great quality manufacturing processes.

High Quality Materials - Aluminum

High Quality Materials - Aluminum

Aluminum is widely used in manufacturing processes, especially for items that require a combination of durability and weatherproof qualities. None of the elements, whether it's sun, rain, or ice, will damage the material or detract from its clean and modern look. These are the reasons that Bullz manufactures the frame for our luxury outdoor furniture using extruded aluminum tubes which are then shaped according to our design and specifications.

Treating The Aluminum

Treating The Aluminum

The completed frame is then molded and welded into the necessary shape to create a beautiful and structurally strong piece of outdoor patio furniture. This is the stage where the furniture really begins to take its form and looks more like a piece of outdoor furniture than tubes of metal. To ensure that every item of Bullz outdoor furniture is of the same high quality as our customers have come to expect from all of our products, a quality control manager oversees every stage of the process to ensure exactly that.

The welding is obviously an integral part in the creation of aluminum furniture frames and so too is the process of treating each molded frame. Each piece is thoroughly cleaned and sanded before being placed in temporary storage awaiting the powder containing stage.

Powder Coating Application

Powder Coating - o

Powder coating the aluminum provides another level of resistance against the elements and helps to ensure that your piece of modern outdoor furniture retains its great looks. An electrostatically charged mixture of color pigment and resin is sprayed onto the molded frame and then heated to temperatures of between 400 and 450 degrees. This fully applies the coat and ensures that the stunning color of the modern outdoor furniture is retained even if it gets scratched and is beaten by the elements. The powder coating method that we use in our workshops is not only effective but it is also environmentally friendly; overspray particles, which are left over after the spraying process, are collected and reused in the next batch of coating.

Weaving The Wicker Fibers Video

Weaving The Wicker Fibers

The hand weaving process that is used to create Bullz outdoor wicker furniture is a process that has been handed down for centuries and from generation to generation in many Asian countries. These trusted methods continue to stand the test of time and combined with the use of high quality materials it helps to ensure a more natural look while offering a lifetime of good looking, resilient use.

High Quality Materials - The Wicker

High Quality Materials - The Wicker

As well as a robust and beautiful frame, Bullz modern wicker furniture also uses the best quality fibers to create the wicker cover for all our furniture. 100% High Density Polyethylene or HDPE is strong and resistant to the elements while also being recyclable and non toxic; another way that we ensure our methods and techniques are as harmless to the environment as possible. Bullz modern wicker furniture uses only 7mm thick fibers, while other companies use a combination of these thick fibers mixed with thinner and therefore less expensive fibers. Our furniture will withstand greater pressure and increased usage.

The Environment Matters

The environment has become an increasingly important concern to our clients and, as such, it is something we take equally seriously. It really does matter. We use recyclable materials that are sympathetic to the environment but still offer the level of quality and strength required. Similarly, we employ manufacturing processes that are kind to the environment but still craft some of the highest quality modern outdoor furniture on the market.

Adding The Cushions

Like the rest of the patio furniture we manufacture, the cushions for our patio furniture pieces are resistant and of higher material grades then most sets you'll find on the market. As such, we have chosen HDPE foam coated in Dacron and covers made from solution-dyed spun polyester. This ensures that our cushions are comfortable and long lasting. Unlike many other retailers that change outdoor furniture models and styles every season, our Ogni designs have been timeless, therefore we can offer replacement cushions in a variety of qualities, colours and costs depending on your needs and budget. Whether you just want to change-up the look with a new splash of colour or you'd like to upgrade to a Sunbrella brand fabric, call us for a quote for new cushions.

Bullz Modern Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture needs to be more than durable to be left out throughout the year. The combination of regular use and the battering that the furniture receives from the elements mean that only the best quality materials will be able to withstand everything that is thrown at it. When you choose Bullz outdoor furniture from our extensive catalog of beautiful, high quality items and set you also have the freedom to choose the items that are right for you and will complement your patio, decking, or garden space.

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