Natural Quarried Slate Tables

The Natural organic quarried slate used in the construction of our pool tables

The slate surface is found under the cloth of a pool table and it is by far the most important part. Slate is the factor that determines the precision of the game and the longevity of your table. With a high quality slate you can achieve a high caliber game suitable for professionals while maximizing your investment. At Bullz, we use the best slate available on the market, extracted from natural quarries mountains and diamond polished to 1 / 1 000 inch to obtain a perfect flatness. 

We prefer using slate from quarries that are operated in the open.

One of the major benefits of open mountain quarries, is that the slate they produce is more solid and less delicate for transport.

Why use natural quarried slate in the construction of billiard tables? 

Slate is a metamorphic rock with very fine grains consisting mainly of quartz, white mica, chlorite, carbonate and iron oxide which are formed in low pressure and temperature. It was used in covering buildings because of its strength and durability. Thanks to the stability of its surface and its low moisture absorption, it is ideal for the design of pool tables. Slate is typically found in the U.S., Spain, Italy, China and Brazil.

A quarry worker, extracting slate.

A quarry worker, extracting slate.

Why do we choose mountain quarry slate instead of synthetic, composite slate or slate from underground quarries?

Most slates are extracted from underground, in large quarries of up to 160 meters deep. Thus they are much more flexible and less resistant. In a mountain quarry, however, mines are all operated in the open. The slate that is found there is much more solid and less fragile for transportation because of the reduced tectonic movement. It can therefore withstand all kinds of polishing, surfacing, or cutting to obtain a perfect surface. The slate we provide is considered the best on the market for its strength and especially for its purity. 

Natural Slate Warehouse

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